"You get to go home"

Regardless of what obstacles are in your path, you go around, or through them.
Doesn’t matter what it is, you get to go home.
That’s what we do. Self Defense Initiative provides state of the art training to enable you to resolve any threats that might pop up as you go about your life. Cutting edge, reality driven training in GunFighting, StickFighting, Driving, and in general, dealing with Aggressive Behavior.
We have traveled extensively seeking out training from varied sources. Cherry picking the best of the best, techniques have been distilled and decanted. You will receive from us, only that which has proven to work
Self; when a problem arises, there is only one person you can absolutely count on to be there for you; yourself. If help is available, great! But you can’t count on it. You must be ready, willing, and able to resolve the problems that you face.
Defense; having the skills, mindset, and spirit to take care of yourself.
Initiative; YOU have to take the first step. You must commit the time and effort to learn and practice the skills you need to see you through. You need to do this Before a problem arises.

"Train with SDI. Only your family cares more about your well being."