Self Defense Initiative believes strongly in flexibility and adaptability. We are happy to tailor a training program that fits YOUR needs. We provide a free initial consultation and give you a proposal based on that consultation. Where we really shine is understanding our students and adapting our training to what fits them best.

Of course we also have pre-packaged classes available.

Introduction to GunFighting – A 2 day class covering the 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety, legal and ethical use of lethal force including role playing, the basics of marksmanship, the dynamics of a lethal encounter, the first steps in using a gun in a fight. This class will give the student an understanding of lethal force encounters and how to deal with them either by avoidance, or if that is not possible, then successful engagement. 2 days

Intermediate GunFighting – Progressing from where Intro to GunFighting left off, students will continue to learn and refine their pistol handling skills. Keeping the gun running, shooting, moving and communicating are stressed. Multiple threats will be engaged. All work will be done from concealed carry. Drills to increase your awareness of what is in your environment will have you seeing problems before they develop- 2 Days.

Advanced GunFighting – Honing your gunhandling skills to a fine edge, times will be reduced, target difficulty is increased, and more pressure added. You will walk away from this class with a well earned confidence in your ability to successfully resolve close range interpersonal aggression. 2 days

Zengunfighting - We have long held that the 'East' has much to offer the 'Western' GunFighter. ZenGunfighting examines this and provides training that will take your gunhandling skills to a new level. Kata-like drills, body mechanics, and visualization techniques will culminate in the student being able to make center hits on torso sized targets at room length distances in the dark. The end result of this class is a student that can effortlessly and mindlessly fight his pistol. 2 days

Monadnock Baton and MDTS (Monadnock Defensive Tactics System) classes at both the User and Instructor level are

Vehicle Defense – While working on our gunfighting skills is a Good Idea, the reality is that we are much more likely to have a problem while in our cars. Discussion of the various systems of vehicles and how they work together, and how to get the most out of them. The proper 'seat' to allow you the most control over and feedback from the vehicle. What gear you should have in the car for emergencies. Understand and use weight transfer to optimize the tire contact patches. You will learn how to drive your car to it's limits without exceeding them. This is a two day class. A third day can be added for deployment of firearms in and around the vehicle.

U.S. Virgin Islands Firearms Certification Class- This class meets the training requirement needed to obtain a firearms license in the U.S. Virgin Islands. An 8 hour class covering the 4 rules of safety, gun owner responsibility, the legal and moral use of deadly force, the basics of marksmanship and an introduction to using a pistol in a fight. Everything will be provided for the student; loaner pistol, ammunition, ear protection, targets and water. $200.00


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